BFF Silk Scrunchie Set

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  • Two for you, two for me. This set was created for you to share, though we totally get it if you don’t. In this fun set, you will get 4 Forever Silk Scrunchies: 2 in Red and 2 in Champagne. 

    The Forever Silk Scrunchie will look equally pretty wrapped around a ponytail or on your wrist. Handmade from 100% silk charmeuse and finished with a charming bow, this scrunchie won’t crease or damage your locks. Double it up on your wrist as a symbol of your friendship & love.

  • Get 4 Forever Silk Scrunchies: 2 in Red & 2 in Champagne.

    • Made of 100% 19 Momme Silk Charmeuse.
    • Adorned with a gold plated MW logo plaque.
    • When it's not around your wrist it'll be in your hair for the perfect feminine touch.
    • Pair two colors together on your wrist for extra playfulness.
    • Only wear the scrunchie on dry hair.

Size Chart
Size Chart

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