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Travel Guide: Dubai Honeymoon

September 11, 2018

 While the city of New Dubai was modern and filled with skyscrapers, we stopped by Old Dubai and went off into the dunes of the desert where the magic truly was.


It was almost a year ago when I took my very first silk samples with me on my honeymoon. With only a carry-on suitcase in hand I packed for 2 weeks of activity and relaxation. Today I share with you not just my favorite pictures from that trip, but my secret to packing. 


When you first land in Dubai, you will notice how incredibly modern this desert oasis is. While the city of New Dubai was modern and filled with skyscrapers, we stopped by Old Dubai and went off into the dunes of the desert where the magic truly was.




We stayed at the beautiful Bab al Shams while we were in the desert. “Bab al Shams” means gateway to the sun in Arabic, and it is truly a one-of-the-kind resort built in a low-rise Arabic fort setting around an oasis. With lots of nooks and crannies full of beautiful details, every turn was a pleasant surprise as I explored the resort. It was truly a magical place that offered a unique desert experience that is true to the culture and heritage of Dubai and the UAE.



If you don’t stay at Bab al Shams, I still highly recommend eating at their famous Indian restaurant Masala. With beautiful décor & ambiance, the food was simply the best Indian food that I have ever had. Our friends who live in Abu Dhabi told us that they would drive out to Bab al Shams just to eat at the restaurant, so it’s good to know that locals recommend it as well. Before we went off into the desert, we explored Old Dubai and stopped by Arabian Tea House Restaurant and Café. With delicious food, refreshing drinks, and relaxing ambiance, it was the perfect place to refuel after walking around in the heat all day. 



The highlight of our stay in the desert was spending a day with Platinum Heritage. The Platinum Heritage site is part of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve which is owned and operated by the Royal Family. We were driven around in a 1950’s vintage Land Rover while we explored everything the desert had to offer. We got to hang out with two cute camels and spotted gazelles around the desert. At the end of the amazing drive, we watched the sunset over the dunes as we rested with a glass of sparkling date & apple juice in hand and enjoyed dinner under the stars in a Bedouin camp nestled inside the private Royal retreat.



The secret to packing lightly for a long trip is to pack items that pairs well with many other items and can be layered easily. Our Gili Bustier Top is the perfect piece. It matches perfectly with our Air Midi Skirt for the perfect Honeymoon Look. It also matches well with our Dua Wide Leg Pants, as it can be worn indoors and outdoors. If you get cold or find it too revealing to wear the top by itself, simply layer it with our Nusa Silk Robe. The possibilities are endless!


Photography by Maria Sundin / Featured on Wedding Sparrow

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