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Packing Tips for Vacation

July 22, 2019

We are believers of packing and traveling lightly. After all, it’s the experience of your travel that is most important, not how many things you can bring with you.

One of the most popular ways to unwind is, without a doubt, going on vacation. Whether it is going to a place you’ve never been before or re-visiting a city that never ceases to inspire you, we know the least fun part is likely the packing you’ll have to do before you jet off.

We at #maggiewustudio want to help you with that, because we believe the whole experience, from the very beginning to the very end, should be carefree and enjoyable. We don’t want you to start your vacation feeling stressed. Here are some of our fail-proof tips when it comes to packing:


Know the weather
Before you start packing, you should know what kind of weather you will be expecting at your destination. Besides checking Google Weather, a trick we like to use is turn to social media. Look up the location geotag on Instagram, and browse photos of real people real time in that location. This way you get an idea of what the weather is really like at your destination.



Reach for the versatile pieces
We are believers of packing and traveling lightly. After all, it’s the experience of your travel that is most important, not how many things you can bring with you. Therefore, when it comes to packing for trips, you don’t want to be stuck with a piece that can only be worn once and only bring items that can be easily mixed and matched.


Our Flower Lady or Thinking Women cotton tees, for example, would literally go with any kind of bottoms and whatever the color. Silk is actually one of the most breathable materials to wear in the summer. Our Air Midi Skirt or Dua Wide Leg Pants are great options to travel with because they can also be paired with a lot of different tops, from the cotton tee to a denim shirt to a light sweater as well when it gets a bit chilly. The best part: they are extremely lightweight and don’t take up much space in your luggage.


Stay within the same color family

 One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re packing pieces that can work together is to stick to one or two color tones. We like going for light colors and neutral hues because they tend to be the most versatile. Bold colors can be trickier when it comes to styling but maybe if you’d like, maybe just add a pop of color if you want to spice up an outfit or two.



Use accessories to change up looks
Accessories are a lot smaller to pack so fully utilize them to change up your daily looks. Leave your hair down and use our Lily Bobby Pins or Pearl Bobby Pins to pin up one side of your hair for a romantic vibe or put your hair up in a ponytail with our Forever Silk Scrunchie on those really hot, humid days. You can see more summer hair style ideas on our previous post.


Utilize makeup bags, jewelry cases, dust bags, and pouches
The best way to keep things organized in your suitcase is to compartmentalize and pack small items in designated bags & cases. Utilize dust bags & pouches for storing small items such as underwear and socks, and store your accessories in a jewelry case to avoid losing anything. Have one makeup bag for your makeup, and one for your skincare and self-care items. Storing items in bags, cases, and pouches not only help keep things neat, but also saves time during your trip – you will know exactly where things are instead of looking around your entire suitcase to find them. And don’t forget pack one empty fold-able bag as well so you can put all of your dirty clothes in!



Don’t forget the self-care tools
Since the goal of a vacation is to treat ourselves to a relaxing trip, we want to be sure we fully maximize the self-care time by bringing little tools like the Rose Quartz Facial Roller or the Amed Silk Eye Mask. These are particularly handy when you are traveling on long flights. The Eye Mask ensures you can get total darkness even if the lights are on during the flight, and the rollers will make you feel pampered and relaxed in an instant. Create a designated bag of inflight go-to’s like lip balm, moisturizer, eye mask, face roller, neck pillow. Store the bag in the seat pocket during the flight so you can reach for them anytime.




So, what are you packing for your summer vacation, and more importantly, where are you going?

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