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Simple & Easy Summer Hair Styles

July 15, 2019

As a female-founded brand with an all-women team, we understand the power of a good hair day. Sometimes, an unrivaled type of inner confidence just emerges from nowhere thanks to well-behaving hair. Come summertime, and it all gets a bit tricky. We love the sunshine and all, but we know the challenge when it comes to keeping your hair at bay; it is either flat from the sweat or frizzy due to the humidity. Or sometimes, your hair is just in the way or all over the place trying to annoy you on a hot summer day. We put together a few simple hairstyle ideas perfect for the season, so that you walk out the door feeling like you can do anything you set your mind to. Read on below for some inspiration.

Utilize Bobby Pins

Sometimes, we just want our hair back and away from our face, and that’s really when bobby pins come in handy. Our Pearl Bobby Pins from the summer capsule are great when it comes to keeping your hair in place. What we love about our bobby pins is how well they hold and last throughout the day. Even if you have long, thick hair, there’s nothing to worry about.


A Multi-Purpose Silk Scarf Saves the Day
We love a good multi-functional item like our However You Like Silk Scarf. Tie the scarf around your head like a headband with a bow tie on top or behind your ears for a retro chic vibe. If you’re feeling creative, try to incorporate your silk scarf into your braids to add some fun. Alternatively, you can use the silk scarf to dress up your top bun or pony tail.




Easy-to-Use Silk Scrunchies

When in doubt, reach for the silk scrunchie. The silk ensures that it doesn't cause any breakage in your hair like any regular hair tie would. If you’re bad at tying bows, our Forever Silk Scrunchie comes with a perfect one. It is the easiest way to look put together even if you are running out the door and just don't have time to deal with your hair.

Tell us, what are some of your favorite summer hairstyles? 

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