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Season of Change

November 11, 2019

Fall and Winter have always been the seasons to slow down and to let go of the old to make room for the new. People and businesses nowadays tend to constantly go-go-go, forgetting that we are a part of nature – that we too, have seasons and cycles. It is unreasonable and unrealistic to sustain this constant hustle. Just like the seasons in nature, there are times for us to rest, times to align, times to take action, and times to celebrate.


This became particularly clear to me with the running of my business. For the past year, I have tried to sustain the regular fashion cycle – to constantly put out new things and to constantly promote newness, just for the sake of constantly having something new. In the meantime, due to my move across many cities around the globe, I became very into wellness and self-care, as I needed it to stay sane. The deeper I got into wellness and self-discovery, the more and more I felt misaligned between my business and my personal growth. As I went through the process of slowing down and decluttering in my personal life, I began to see how I needed to do the same for my business as well.



After the Summer New York Pop-Up, which I viewed as a celebration of all the work and effort that I have put into this brand this past year, I felt an intense need to pause, to re-evaluate, and to realign my business with my personal growth. Authenticity has always been the heart of who I am and my business. As I grew tremendously personally this past year, I realized I needed to take a step back and re-align my business again. The past few months has been about that. Growth and change is never easy. It is often met with resistance. Trust me, I have struggled with this for the past few months and have finally come to complete peace and allowing for the changes to unfold. I’ve thought long and hard about what is the best way to share this with my community. I believe the best time to share is now, even when I am not 100% clear about what the final change will be and how the change will take place. I wanted to take you on this journey with me and to share the process with you. To let you know that it is ok to not have clear answers and that there are no set linear paths that you need to follow.


Even in the midst of unknown, you can always remember to enjoy the journey and trust the process. To me, that is the ultimate form of self-care and self-love.


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