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Rooftop Picnic in Style

July 01, 2019

Nothing beats quality time spent with those dearest to you.

As we wave goodbye to June and welcome in July, we are excited about all the rooftop parties that will be taking place. Attending one is great, but allow us to suggest hosting one this month, because trust us, nothing beats a memorable & enjoyable time with your close friends and loved ones. 


In case you need a few pointers, we’ve put together a simple “formula” for a relaxing, yet picture-perfect rooftop picnic just for you. Read on and may the fun be with you all summer long!



Pick a Color Theme
A well color-coordinated picnic is the key to keeping everything consistent. In fact, having a color theme can simplify your decision-making process. Let’s say you’re going with “pink and red” – from the picnic blanket to the plates and cups to the snacks and desserts, just stick to the colors, and you’re good to go.


Decide on a “Dress Code”
This can be an extension of the color theme you’ve picked, like “something pink” or “something red”, or a fun concept that is completely different. Some of our favorites include “Florals, Please,” “Dripped in Pearls,” and if you want to be extra, we have done a Marie Antoinette themed tea parties and Jazz Age themed picnics before as well. Be creative and get your guests excited to participate.


Take it Easy with the Food
There is no need to stress out about what food to prepare if you don’t want to. For our rooftop picnic, we simply bought pre-made desserts from the store, along with fruits and drinks we had in our fridge, while keeping in mind of the color theme. We had cranberry sparkling water, peaches, croissants, apple pie, and various fruit tarts. Additionally, for something savory, we made simple pastrami sandwiches that took less than 20 minutes to make.



Send an Invitation  
Not a must, but definitely a nice gesture. There are so many ways to send an invitation nowadays. you really don’t have an excuse to not send one. Whether it is a Facebook invite group or a simple e-card, we believe the receiver will feel extra special. 


Let Your Guests Know What to Expect
Will there be shade? What food and drinks will be there? In your invitation, let your guests know what to expect. Some people may prefer bringing a sun hat, while others may want to arrive hungry so they have space in their bellies for the food you’ve prepared.


Don’t Forget About the Props!
Let it be books, which can double as napkin holder in case of strong winds, or a Polaroid camera to take photos with, don’t forget little props can sometimes make a big difference to the overall setting and experience for your guests.



Consider Preparing a Goodie Bag
Prepare a goodie bag with a small gift, like a silk scrunchie or bobby pins, just because. The items in your goodie bag can be related to the overall theme of your picnic party. We are certain your guests will feel extra special. We believe in celebrating your moments, big and small, and we invite you to pass the love forward.


Be in the Moment
Once everyone has arrived, the necessary photos have been taken, and the IG stories have been shared, put your phones away for a digital detox. Nothing beats quality time spent with those dearest to you. Simply focus on treating yourself to a memorable day with friends and family – because you deserve it.



This July, whether you’re hosting a rooftop picnic, spending some time at the beach, or just lounging in the shade, we hope you enjoy your days to the fullest, surrounded by those who bring you joy.


Photography by Ashley Gallerani |  Modeling by Melissa & Lisa

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