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#MWBride Karen's Self-Care Tips

April 05, 2019

"My advice would be to let go of all expectations. Just let the day happen and take everything in stride rather than over-worrying."

We are truly honored that so many brides from around the world has chosen Maggie Wu Studio pieces to be a part of their special day. Many #MWBrides are inspiring women taking on multiple projects from all around the globe.


One of them is our feature bride Karen Lao. In addition to her daytime job in software development, Karen works as a freelance photographer and digital content creator. Did we mention she also plays the piano? In short, she is a modern-day superwoman in our opinion. Out of the many thoughtful content she produces, we especially loved reading her blog post on tips on planning a multipcultural wedding - especially an Asian wedding. We assume that it would have been a stressful time for her, so we wanted to chat with her to find out how she found the balance to manage everything during her wedding planning. Read on below for more:
Karen in our Nusa Silk Robe getting ready on her wedding day
You seemed to have remained so relaxed the days leading up to your wedding, how did you remain a sense of calm before such a big event? 
 As the wedding approached, a lot of friends and family came from out of town. I remember feeling the moment all my frustrations and anxiety turned into a stillness. It was like a mental switch, and my focus was all about cherishing the moments I had with those we loved.
We loved your blog post about your experience on doing a multicultural wedding and how stressful it can be – was it therapeutic to write about it? What words of advice would you have for brides that may be planning a multicultural wedding? 
It was very healing. In a way, it felt like an explanation to those who had kept asking about what our wedding would be like. My words of advice are to not try to make it fit into your schedule if you truly do not feel like it's for you.
The wedding day can be very exciting but also very tiring. What was the first thing you did after your wedding to relax? 
A lot of our friends and family came over the next morning, but I just enjoyed sitting on the couch, watching TV, and chatting with them all day! It was nice not having a to-do list anymore (at that moment).
Are there any everyday self-care rituals you swear by? What are your Top 3 self-care rituals? 
I don't have a set ritual, but I guess I do make sure that I'm taking care of myself, no matter how tired or lazy I feel. You will thank yourself for it! My top 3 self-care rituals: 
  1. Eat a balanced diet. I listen to my body, and if I've had too many unhealthy meals, I definitely balance it out until I feel better.
  2. Work out. It's an amazing stress reliever, and it helps you mentally and physically overall!
  3. Say no to things. The past few years, I loved being busy with my full-time job and freelance photography/Instagram business. However, it slowly started taking a toll on me, and before I knew it, I was mentally exhausted. I've started to scale back and say yes to things that will really impact me meaningfully. It's great for my mental health!

Karen wearing our Dhalia Headpiece

Do you have any last words of advice for soon-to-be brides? Is there something that you wish people told you before your wedding day but didn't? 
My advice would be to let go of all expectations. Just let the day happen and take everything in stride rather than over-worrying. I wish people would have told me to designate someone to take our food home for us. We barely got to eat, and it was something we really looked forward to!


Thank you Karen for sharing your tips with us! 

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