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Maggie Styles #MWSilk Pieces in 10 Looks

March 19, 2019

 Our silk pieces are designed to be very wearable - you can dress it up or dress it down easily. They are great choices to elevate your staple pieces and they add elegance to any look.

We often get asked how to style our silk pieces, so in this post, we turned to our #girlboss Maggie Wu for some of her personal tips. We asked her to show us how she would wear the pieces for various occasions, and in different seasons, too.
“People tend to think silk are high maintenance and meant for special occasions only, but I beg to differ! Our silk pieces are designed to be very wearable - you can dress it up or dress it down easily. They are great choices to elevate your staple pieces – a white t-shirt over our silk skirt, or pair our silk top with jeans – they add elegance to any look,” said Maggie.
Most importantly, nothing beats confidence. So be sure to always put that on before anything else!
Click on image below to watch the video to see how Maggie puts together 10 different looks, featuring our latest In the Mood for Love collection.
A Closer Look at each of the Looks
 Look No. 1 – Perfect for in-between Winter & Spring
For the first look, Maggie picks out the Flores Silk Tee in Champagne and styles it with a pair of maroon pants and a brown wool coat. This is perfect for that awkward in-between season, when it’s still a little chilly, but not warm enough without an outer layer. We think it’s a great comfortable daily look to run errands or go shopping in.
Look No. 2 – Romantic feels for date night
Maggie swaps out the pants for our Airie Midi Skirt in Red for the second look, which adds a touch of romantic vibes. She’s throwing on a camel coat since it may get chillier at night. We think this outfit is perfect for a dinner date!
Look No. 3 – Suitable for an early spring day out
Take off the coat and throw on a sweater over Airie Midi Skirt the instead! In order to accentuate the waist, Maggie adds a brown belt to complete the look. This outfit is perfect for an early spring day, when you’re out and about! So effortlessly chic, we’d say!
Look No. 4 – The signature Maggie Wu look
One of Maggie’s favorite ways to style the Lucia Silk Slip is wearing it over a light sweater! And yes, this is the same sweater from the previous look. This look is office-appropriate, and perfect for Spring or Fall.
Look No. 5 – Let’s brunch! (And yes, we’ll take the table outside.)
The 5th look is also a Maggie Wu signature look but the warm weather version! She swapped out the sweater and replaced it with our Flores Silk Tee instead. Maggie also dressed up her wrists with our Forever Silk Scrunchies for a fun #armparty. And ladies, this is how we are going to dress for brunch with girlfriends when Spring is here!
Look No. 6 – Monochrome at its best
Keeping the Flores Silk Tee on, Maggie adds Airie Midi Skirt in Champagne for a monochrome look. This outfit is so timeless and classy – we are calling it the "meet the parents" look. The camel coat works really great with this outfit, as well.
Look No. 7 – A casual look for travelers
Who says silk pieces are only for formal occasions? Maggie shows us how she dresses the Airie Midi Skirt with a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. She looks so happy and carefree in this outfit. We imagine this as the perfect outfit for those traveling and exploring a new place – comfortable, but still photogenic.
Look No. 8 – Head-to-toe silk for casual Fridays
Maggie keeps the Airie Midi Skirt on but changes the top to the Flores Silk Tee in Red to create an outfit that is still casual but slightly more work-appropriate.
Look No. 9 – Red and black for a cool, chic vibe
For the 9th look, Maggie swapped out the silk skirt with a pair of black jeans to dress the Flores Silk Tee down. This is such a simple but great look that is sleek and elegant. We think we will wear this all day, every day.
Look No. 10 – Warm, but still stylish
We’re not sacrificing style for warmth! Just throw on the warmest coat you have and wear your silk pieces in heated rooms – so you can still be the chicest gal in the room, wherever you are.
Video created and edited by Once Upon.

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