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Introducing the Self-Care Section

October 25, 2018

Give yourself the time and space you need to slow down and appreciate yourself, just as the way you are.

I am so excited to introduce the new Self-Care section on our website. As some of you may know, the backstory to the launch of this new website is that when I was just selling bridal accessories, I strongly disliked the message that I was putting out there to the world -- that women can only celebrate or be celebrated when she is getting married, a concept and idea that I am completely against. I want this brand to be about celebrating women just as they are.



The Self-Care section is truly about celebrating women and their moments big & small. Often times we tend to only celebrate big occasions such as promotions, engagements, and weddings. Especially in the age of social media, we tend to forget to look inward and see all the small accomplishments we make every day.


A simple act of doing a 10-minute meditation in the morning or unwinding down at night with a candle and a face roller will give yourself the time and space you need to slow down and appreciate yourself, just as the way you are. Self-care is not selfish, but a way to slow down and focus on the inside instead of what’s on the outside.



To celebrate the launch of this section, we have curated a special Celebrate You Self-Care Set, in the hopes that you will slow down and appreciate how far you have come everyday. We will also be featuring Self-Care interviews with women we admire from all over the world -- to encourage women to celebrate themselves just the way they are, no matter where they are in life.


Go on and celebrate, you deserve it.



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