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From Fall to Winter with our Gili Bustier Top

October 16, 2018

While our Gili Bustier Top looks great in the Summer or on a tropical getaway, it can also layers perfectly can easily transitions into Fall & Winter. Lisa from StyleVoila styled the silk top in three different ways that transitions perfectly into the upcoming months. Read on below to see some of her looks & style tips on how to wear this top for all seasons!
Simply layer your favorite jacket over this top for the transitional weather of Fall. The beige color of the top matches perfectly with any color coat you may have.
Style Tip from Lisa: "This look is great for early fall, when the weather & temperature can vary from hot to cold on an hourly basis. I can easily take off my coat when it is hot during the day, and layer it on when it gets cold at night or  in doors whenever there is strong air conditioning. I paired it with an amber skirt that is the perfect color for Fall!"
Layer the Gili Bustier Top over a lace shirt, it creates a look that is feminine and sexy, but not too revealing. Pair it with a pair of jeans and it is a perfect date night look.
Style Tip from Lisa: "I love this look so much. By simply layering the Gili Bustier Top over an existing top that I've had for a while, I feel that I have created a whole new top. The lace top adds an extra feminine touch, yet the jeans tones down the look. It is a perfect balance of feminine and edgy."
The Winter months can get pretty dark in terms of wardrobe, wear the bustier top over a turtleneck and add a bit of lightness to a dark outfit.
Style Tip from Lisa: "Winters in New York can be long and dark, I layered this top over my otherwise black outfit to brighten up my look. By pairing a warm fuzzy coat and a red belt bag, I have created a winter look that doesn't feel so dark and dreary.


Have any questions about how to style the Gili Bustier Top? Simply email us at, and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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