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Entrepreneur Q&A with ZippySparkles

March 22, 2019

The hardest moment for me was taking the first step. I know it sounds so cliché, but doubt is the killer of most dreams.

About a month ago, we partnered with ZippySparkles, an herbal tea blend start-up based in Hong Kong, to supply healthy drinks for our #BFFNight event. We fell in love with ZippySparkles' tea blends, especially the Radiance Beauty Blend. More so, we fell in love with Ping, the lovely founder of ZippySparkles. From the moment we met she just radiated such calm positive energy. We had to catch up with her for a chat about how she started her business and what keeps her calm throughout the entrepreneurial journey. Read on below...


Where are you based and where are you from?

I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and then lived in the Netherlands & Singapore before moving to Hong Kong.


What inspired you to start Zippysparkles? Can you tell us a bit about your journey of starting the business?

I have so many reasons as to why I started Zippysparkles. I have always romanticized the idea of running and owning a small business of my own - one that would allow me to work in the space of creativity & wellness. I had no idea what I could or should do at first. I didn’t realize that I was living the solution everyday -- I love coffee but I was also looking for ways in which I could mix it up with other drinks so that I would end up consuming less caffeine. At the same time, I also wanted something that was beneficial to my health. At this point I was in the 5th or 6th year of my vegan journey, and intuitively I gravitated towards experimenting with plants & herbs. Someone then suggested I create an herbal tea brand. The idea caught my heart instantly and that was how the notion of Zippysparkles came about. Also, I wanted specific types of herbs packed into “an easy to prepare” caffeine-free blend and since I couldn’t find all my favorite herbs available in one blend, I figured that I will just create it myself.


Starting & running a business comes with many ups and downs. What are some of the toughest moments and what are some of the happiest moments you have faced from running Zippysparkles?

I think the hardest moment for me was taking the first step. I know it sounds so cliché, but doubt is the true killer of most dreams. The only reason I managed to wrestle doubt and stuff it into a corner was because I was so excited with the idea of Zippysparkles. I figured that I would just consider the investment for the business as tuition for ‘real-life’ business school. As for the best moments, it’s hard to pick one, but I will always remember the lady who bought 18 packs from me at my first pop-up. It wasn’t the money at all but it was the validation that apart from myself, my boyfriend, my family members and my girlfriends, someone else actually loved my blends! I am going to cheat and choose another happy moment and that would be the discovery of the wonderful, supportive, creative women entrepreneur community in Hong Kong & Singapore. 


You radiate such a calm and positive energy in person and through your blog posts. How do you maintain such a positive outlook to life, have you always been this way?

I was never this way. I was the kid with the hottest temper. Luckily, I accidentally discovered that there is a correlation in what we consume physically and mentally with our level of happiness. For example, I know if I were to eat well consistently, I would feel better, sleep better, and laugh a whole lot more. Same with books and movies. If I were to fuel my mind with inspiring books, I would definitely feel like I can do anything. This is so obvious, but not many of us choose to fuel ourselves properly, myself included sometimes, especially on holidays! PS. The Alchemist, The Untethered Soul, 10% Happier, The Happiness Project are some of my favorite books.

Do you have a self-care routine? If not, what do you do for yourself?

Yes! I love routines. I love to start my day with meditation, oil pulling, cold shower, and a green protein shake & tea. If I am not late for work yet, I like to squeeze in journaling and set my intentions for the day. In the evenings, I like coming home from work after gym, sage myself and my home, light a candle, take a long hot shower and prepare dinner. There is something very therapeutic about prepping food and cooking. I also read before bedtime. I guess this is a self-care routine. 

How do you think people can incorporate tea into their self-care routines in any way? If yes, what are some ways that you'd suggest?

I always love to experimenting with tea. Lately, I have been experimenting with cooking with tea. This is still work in progress for me, so I might share more about this at some point on social media, let’s see. I also love mixing teas with coffee - 1/3 tea and 2/3 coffee with a dash of coconut oil and topped with almond mylk, and voila - my kind of cappuccino! I know that some people recommend using tea with their face masks but it’s not something that I have tried at this moment due to lack of time.


Thank you Ping for sharing your story and tips with us! 


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