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#BFF Story: Leanne and Oriane

March 11, 2019

That is the beauty of all human relationships - how we can appreciate & accept one another, regardless of how different we may seem on the surface. 

We first met Leanne Ansar and Oriane Sarah Adjibi in New York during our #MWFamily Dinner, where we celebrated the arrival of Chinese New Year with some of our most supportive  friends. 


Born and raised in Benin, a French-speaking nation in West Africa, Oriane lived in Paris before moving to New York. She currently works full time as a model and a fashion blogger at One glance on her Instagram page, you can see that she loves color and stands out in the crowd with her fashion choices. French-American Leanne, from @leanneansar, grew up between France and the U.S., and enjoys creating Fashion content over the weekends when she’s not at her 9-5. One glance on her Instagram page, you can see how she prefers muted colors, and loves clothes that stand the test of time. The one thing they have in common though, is how they both embrace their natural beautiful hair. 


During the #MWFamily dinner, you can see how close the two of them were as friends, despite their apparent differences. That is the beauty of all human relationships - how we can appreciate & accept one another, regardless of how different we may be on the surface. 


We invited Leanne & Oriane to be a part of our #BFF photoshoot because we wanted to celebrate women, friendships, and each other's differences. In this blog post, we chatted with the two gal pals about their friendship. Despite having such different styles, our new silk pieces looked amazing on them as they styled the pieces to suit their own personal styles during the photoshoot. So, while we are at it, we also asked them for some style tips on how to style our new silk pieces. 
MW: What do you love most about Oriane?
Leanne: I met my dear Oriane almost a year ago. We connected right away with our conversations of love for our family and France. What I love most about Oriane is that she is 100% honest. We all have those great people-pleaser friends that will tell you everything is full of rainbows (which is wonderful don't get me wrong!) But a true, true friend will never lead you in a bad direction. She is just a true friend whom I can talk to about literally anything. No judgement, just a warm heart. 
Je t'aime, Oriane!
MW: And what do you love most about Leanne?
Oriane: I immediately fell in love with Leanne’s personality when we first met. We shared the French cultural background and also, the love for fashion. Leanne is an amazing and creative woman who’s easy to get along with. I'm so glad we met and are experimenting life and fashion in New York together.
MW: What would your ideal “girls’ date” look like?
Leanne: Have a gathering with a bunch of friends, with wine, cheese, crêpes, and board games! 


MW: How would you incorporate and style our new silk pieces for a “girls’ night out” look?
Oriane: I would wear Maggie Wu Studio’s red silk skirt with a pink top or sweater, depending on the weather! And then add white, red or pink accessories, like earrings, bracelets, as well as shoes and the bag, too.
Leanne: The best thing about the new pieces, other than the high quality of the silk, is their beautiful vibrant hues! The red and rose are perfect colors to wear for a day filled with amour! I would pair Maggie’s deep red skirt with a red cozy knit top for an effortless, chic monochrome look!


Photography Ashley Gallerani

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