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A Creative Journey with Angela Choe

July 08, 2019

"Know your worth, remain humble, and always seek personal growth, whatever that may mean to you."

We love connecting with creative women from all around the world here at Maggie Wu Studio. More importantly, we love sharing their stories and journeys with you, because no one’s journey is a straight path and like another's.


A few months ago, we had the privilege of getting to know Los Angeles- based content strategist and Art Director Angela Choe through our photographer friend Kristine Lo. In fact, many of the summer outfits that have been featured on our social media platforms were modeled by Angela. We adored her vibe and were intrigued by her career path. So we sat down with Angela to learn more about what she does, how she finds balance in life, and what her tips are for those looking to enter similar fields. Read on below for more.



Where is your hometown & where are you based?
My hometown is Seattle, Washington and I am now based in Los Angeles, California. This will be my 10th year in Los Angeles.


Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you started your creative freelance journey? 
I moved to Los Angeles a month after I graduated high school at 17 to study Merchandise Marketing at FIDM. While at FIDM I worked at two different retailers along with an internship at a showroom and volunteering at a non-profit organization. I wanted to try as many different roles as possible within the fashion industry in order to better understand where my strengths lie, and hoping that would lead to help me decide a role I wanted to pursue within the industry. I’ve worked in-store at a few different retailers, in wholesale at showrooms, as a buyer for an online retailer, helped start an online e-commerce business and a women’s contemporary brand, and as an on-set Art Director for a large fashion corporation with three different brands. Now, I freelance as a content strategist and on-set Art Director. I was able to start my freelance journey 2 years ago thanks to a lot of different work experiences. 



You manage to do a bit of everything as a content strategist – on your website it says you specialize in “creative content concepting, producing, and executing (on-set art direction) for both photo + video, and “essentially, a small creative agency wrapped up in a single individual.” Have you always enjoyed doing a little bit of everything throughout your career? Do you find it overwhelming at times or do you find it stimulating?
I have definitely always enjoyed doing a little bit of everything throughout my career. I have work ADD and always want to learn as much as I can and continue to grow both as a person and as a professional. I find it stimulating. 
Being a solo freelancer is like being an entrepreneur, and it comes with many ups & downs. How do you manage the ups & downs?
Great question! Honestly, I am very lucky to have an incredible life partner who also freelances so we spend a lot of time together and I share my ups with him and on the flip side he’s the one who helps balance me out when I’m experiencing a down. Sometimes life moves so fast that I don’t even realize I’m experiencing a down so he helps guide me out of the moment to reflect and then helps me move forward. I’m very lucky. 



Do you have any specific daily/monthly/yearly rituals that you adhere by?

Daily: Cook dinner at home Monday – Thursday. Cooking is an activity that truly takes me away from work to focus on the present. You have to be present while cooking, or else… (Lol).    
Monthly: Leave LA! Whether it’s going camping, or visiting Palm Springs or traveling to another state. It is important to physically step away from my work and the industry and simply be present. I like getting outside of my environment in order to remind myself of how small I am and how vast our world and universe is. It also helps me with not sweating the small stuff.       
Yearly: Leave the country. For the same reason as mentioned above. 


What tips would you have for someone who is just starting to get into a creative freelance career?
Tips I would have for someone who is just starting to get into a creative freelance career is to know your worth, remain humble, and always seek personal growth, whatever that may mean to you.

Angela wears the Pura Midi Slip Dress

Photos from of Angela & her Instagram

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